Do Institutions Support Partner Hiring? A New Tool Ranks Universities


Newswise imageTo raise awareness and assist couples with job searches, UNC-Chapel Hill researchers launched an evidence-based tool showing how research-intensive institutions rank in partner hiring - providing insights on where they may be excelling and where they may be deficient. Jill Fisher, PhD, professor of social medicine at the UNC School of Medicine, co-led the project.

Facial recognition linked to close social bonds, not social butterflies


Newswise imageDo you have trouble recognising faces, or do you never forget a face? The better you are at facial recognition, the more supportive relationships you are likely to have, regardless of your personality type.

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Study suggests hepatitis E may be a sexually transmitted infection


Discovering that hepatitis E virus is associated with sperm in pigs suggests the virus may be both sexually transmitted and linked to male infertility, according to a new study.

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